Complete Guide to Washington DC Final Expense Insurance for Seniors

DCWashington DC final expense insurance covers a wide range of different policies to meet the final needs of residents who live in the nation’s capital. The most basic Washington DC coverage provides money to pay for a funeral, as well as a burial or cremation. Many residents who have preexisting health conditions are afraid to funeral insurance because of a fear of denial. Not only can not having any life insurance be a burden to your family, but it is also a misconception that you are not insurable. There are a variety of insurance choices available in the capital, and some can guarantee you coverage no matter what your health condition.

Final Medical Bills and Expense

The choice of your final resting place is one of the main factors that you might focus on when you think about Washington DC burial expense insurance. Although this is a major factor in expense coverage, this kind of policy can also benefit your loved ones immensely in other ways. If you have a chronic health condition, then the chances of your having outstanding medical bills at the time of your death is increased. Washington DC final expense insurance can help to pay any unpaid health bills so that your loved ones are not harassed by collection agencies after you are gone.

Washington DC burial expense insurance can also pay for other outstanding bills that you leave behind, whether you have an underlying health problem or not. These can include credit card bills and personal loans, as well as a mortgage or car payment. The latter two items are especially important if you want to leave behind any secured assets for your loved ones that are not entirely paid off yet.

Insurance Health Exam

When you apply for Washington DC burial expense insurance, you will be asked some basic health questions. In the case of a preexisting condition, you will be required to put forth more information about your health. Also, the Washington DC provider will likely ask you about some of your most recent visits to your doctor–you will also need to provide your DC physician’s contact information for verification.

In many cases, the Washington DC insurance company will request a medical exam. The chances of an applicant having to undergo a medical exam increase with age, or if you have a health condition, but anyone can be requested to. If you are asked to take this exam, do not panic–it is most often utilized to verify the information that you put down in your Washington DC final expense insurance application. It is also important that you never withhold any information out of fear of not getting any coverage because the company will likely find out from the results of your medical exam anyway.

A basic medical exam for burial coverage usually consists of a few simple tests that can be performed from the comfort of your own home or office. A contracted nurse practitioner or medical doctor will weigh you, as well as check your blood pressure and heart rate. In few cases, a blood or urine sample will be required.

Medical exams for Washington DC burial expense insurance can also help the DC company determine your risk factor. If your risk factor is high, then you might have to pay higher burial expense payments. In worse case scenarios, a provider rejects few applicants based on their health statuses. However, it is more common that applicants are rejected for miscommunication during the process than it is related to red flags derived from a health exam.

DC Guaranteed Policies

If you are weary about medical questions and exams put forth by a traditional Washington DC burial coverage provider, then might instead consider a company that offers a guaranteed issue for its applicants. Such burial and final expense insurance providers do not ask any health questions during the application process. Also, medical exams are not required. Such policies are popular among the elderly, and those at any age with a medical issue.

Keep in mind that Washington DC guaranteed issue final expense plans might be easier to obtain if you have an underlying medical problem, but they are also more expensive. Since these insurance companies specifically offer coverage for policyholders who are regarded by other companies as high-risk applicants, they have to make up for any potential monetary losses. This might not be your best solution if you are on a tight Washington DC burial expense insurance budget.

The best way to choose your best Washington DC final expense insurance quotes is to compare guaranteed issue rates with traditional policies. You might be surprised to learn that you can still get accepted with a traditional company at a rate that is still less than a guaranteed issue version. This involves comparing Washington DC burial and final expense rates.