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Vantis Life’s stated primary goal is to provide families nationwide with affordable annuity products as well as life insurance coverage. Vantis currently has an outstanding six hundred and forty-six (646) million dollars of annuities in force, with an additional almost five billion dollars ($4.9 billion) of life insurance in force. Vantis seems to pride themselves on their offering of reasonably priced life insurance policies and “simple easy-to-afford” products to the hard working class of Americans that deserve such protection. Additionally, they take immense pride in their claim to put a significant amount of effort into their customer service training to support their products and services with attentive and efficient care for their much-appreciated clients.

Vantis Life Insurance Company offers its customers multiple life insurance options, in the variety of permanent life insurance policies as well as term life insurance policies.


Vantis Life operates as a marketing arm of Vantis Life New York and so it thus gains access to Vantis Life NY’s distributors as well as clients. Vantis Life markets all of the same products as its parent company. Additionally, all of the finance, operations, investments, administration and marketing efforts for the parent Vantis Life NY are rolled into or integrated into Vantis Life Insurance Company.

During the years of 2008 and 2009, Vantis implemented a development strategy to expand its overall asset foundation, which ultimately proved to be successful. Additionally, the implication of such an approach resulted in a considerable increase in annuity production as well as significantly increased its earning trends. This strategy unintentionally (or perhaps intentionally, as the specifics are hazy) placed heavy pressure on the organization’s risk-adjusted capitalization as a result of the higher demands of the firm’s capital resources. In response to this inevitable downward pressure, Vantis Life Insurance Company employed a coinsurance agreement for their policies and products that has since proven to relinquish almost half of the annuities currently in production.

Further details on origin and early history of Vantis Life Insurance Company or its parent Vantis Life NY do not appear to be accessible via the company’s web pages, or even through other hubs.


Vantis Life Insurance Company has an A- (Excellent) financial strength rating (FSR) with A.M. Best, as well as an A- for an issuer credit rating (ICR). These ratings as reported by A.M. Best are said to reflect the companies “well-established brand,” as well as the company’s local and marketing presence. These ratings, as noted by A.M. Best are also said to reflect the company’s continued excellent geographic expansion efforts and their solid distribution reputation.

Vantis Life Insurance Company markets a broad array of valuable life products as well as dependable and reliable fixed annuities (due to the company’s excellent financial strength). These products and annuities appear to be solely focused on the working middle-class citizen and their families.

When reviewing Vantis Life Insurance Company, it remains clear that this company maintains highly competitive and functional operating strategies. Although there have been past increases in their premium trends, there has also been a reasonable reduction in the organizations offered rates.


The Better Business Bureau (BBB) does not accredit Vantis Life Insurance Company. Additionally, according to A.M. Best Vantis Life Insurance Company’s annuity reserves could potentially be susceptible to reinvestment risks and sensitive market instability.

Through extensive searches for consumer reviews about Vantis Life Insurance and any negative feedback that might be available, there was only one negative complaint reported to the BBB. The complaint was very vague but does mention issues with billing collection.

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