Online Resource Guide to Buying the Right Utah Burial Insurance Coverage

UtahUtah final expense life insurance for seniors will be used to take care of any costs that occur from funeral and burial planning. This includes any religious services, memorials or necessary body preparations that come with the end of life. Purchasing an insurance policy takes away the concern that your loved ones will not have funds available to cover these unexpected bills, especially since they must be paid in a very short time frame. This also gives you the opportunity to pre-plan any services you may desire.

Utah Burial Laws

The statutes regarding the regulation of burial practices differ throughout the various counties in UT. You will need to discuss what laws apply in your area with your Utah burial expense insurance provider to make sure you have planned adequate funds to meet these requirements. For example, some UT counties require a licensed funeral director to embalm the remains and prepare them for burial, while other areas allow loved ones to take on the final preparation of the body themselves. Knowing which set of laws apply to you and whether or not your family is comfortable with this type of ceremony will affect what expense is accumulated throughout the planning process.

How a body is prepared and what chemicals may have been used will affect whether or not you are allowed a natural burial or must use a casket that will not allow the remains to mingle with the surrounding earth. Utah cemeteries will be certified to handle one or the other, so you if you plan on paying the expense of selecting a funeral plot in advance you will need to decide what type of service you are interested in. Your Utah burial expense insurance should have information on where cemeteries with each certification can be found.

Considerations for Mormons

The Mormon religion has a few guidelines regarding burial services that will need to be considered when planning the final expense of your funeral. If you live in an area of UT that does not require a funeral director to oversee the proceedings, family members are encouraged to prepare the body themselves. Specific white and temple garments are required for the service which you may wish to purchase with your Utah final expense insurance. Discuss where these cloths can be obtained with your insurance provider so they can get an idea of how much they will cost.

Many choose to save on the expense of being laid to rest by having their body cremated. The Mormon religion does not expressly forbid this practice, but it is strongly encouraged for members to avoid this practice unless it is required where they live. Even in the case of death by contagious disease, Utah does not require cremation so you should have no issue following this religious guideline. Your Utah burial expense insurance will cover the cost of any preparation necessary to remain within your religious doctrine.

Paying Final Expenses

The basic cost of a memorial ceremony includes many different costs in the final bill. Most think to use their Utah burial expense insurance to cover final bills such as the cemetery plot, casket or hiring someone to perform the ceremony, but you can also use your insurance funds to cover cost such as flowers, securing a hearse or the expense of a wake. Your loved ones can even use your insurance policy to reimburse themselves for flying into Utah for the ceremony or donate the remaining portion of the insurance policy to a favorite charity or religious organization.

You can purchase a varying amount of Utah final expense insurance, so even if you do not want to make the final decisions as to what will be included in your memorial ceremony, you should speak to your insurance agent about what costs typically come with a funeral in Utah so you can plan the right amount of coverage. Speak to a Utah funeral director in your area about what options are available and ask to see examples of caskets or flower arrangements to get an idea of what you can expect to be more of an expense compared to other requirements.

Utah final expense insurance will be delivered to your beneficiaries in a lump sum unless you pre-paid a ceremony with a funeral home in advance. Your loved ones will be able to file a claim with your Utah burial expense insurance agency as soon as the death certificate has been dispersed so they can start making arrangements in as little as 24 hours later. You do not want to have to wait down payments that will hold up the rest of the planning process, so it is important to sign up with an agency that promises prompt service with few requirements.