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United Home Life Insurance Company is a relatively new insurance company in the sector, having only been around for about two decades. Their overall stated commitment to their customers is to provide them and their families with quality life insurance in a simple and non-invasive manner. They strive to provide consumers with effortless life insurance coverage of which does not require daunting health history questionnaires and intrusive medical exams. In doing so, their goal is to supply such coverage specific to each client’s needs in as quick a manner as possible.


As a subsidiary of a larger firm, United Home Life Insurance has only been around since 1948 but has continued to offer individuals and families simple and unpretentious life insurance options tailored to fit their particular needs in a quick and unproblematic fashion.

However, their parent company, United Farm Family Life has been around for a few years prior to the establishment of United Home Life, where it was founded in 1937 and since has shared in the same values and company commitment to its customers as United Life.

Today United Life’s primary focus is on providing insurance to seniors aged fifty (50) and over, with a special interest in burial insurance and final expense insurance, to those looking to protect their assets and families in forty-eight (48) states nationwide.

United Home Life, a subsidiary of United Farm Family Life, collectively has combined assets totaling two billion dollars ($2 billion), with an active twenty billion dollars ($20 billion dollars) in life insurance in force today. Their simple and uncomplicated approach to buying life insurance has proven to appeal to many as United Home Life and United Farm Family Life Insurance have proven to have impressive financial stability over the years.


There are a handful of positive aspects that come along with choosing United Home Life as your life insurance provider. United Home Life offers a range of insurance policies for those aged fifty and over that can be uniquely tailored to fit the specific needs of the individual policyholder. These coverage options include Five Whole Life, Three Term Life, and Accidental Death. Along with coverage plans a variety of additional riders and benefits (eleven total available) of which several are available to policyholders at no additional cost.

United Home Life has reasonably priced policies that fit competitively within the life insurance market. They guarantee that their rates will remain fixed, meaning that they will never go up. Additionally, it is their claim that their policyholder’s coverage will never go down and that all policies have guaranteed cash value allowance.

Due to their simplistic approach on life insurance offerings, underwritings, and issuances, United Home Life reassures potential customers that they will not be required to undergo invasive medical exams or be forced to spending hours on daunting medical history questionnaires.

United Home Life has an “excellent” rating with A.M. Best, the leading premier life insurance rating agency, which awarded United Home Life and United Farm Family (the parent company) A- and A, respectively speaking. These Ratings mean that the companies are well positioned to meet their financial obligations.


There are limited complaints concerning United Home Life or even their parent company, United Farm Family Life, available through the Better Business Bureau. The two that exist are in reference to “unauthorized” payment premiums being withdrawn from the policyholder’s account. However, United Home Life addressed the issue and resolved the complaint.

Additional complaints on other websites seem to also reflect only issues with billing and collection services.

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About Prime Mutual

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