Trustage Life Insurance Review

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5910 Mineral Point Road

Madison, WI 53705

Phone: 866-363-2510

Hours: Monday – Friday 7 AM to 9 PM CT; Saturday 8 AM to 4 PM CT

Trustage Life Insurance Company works in conjunction with local credit unions to provide affordable qualify life insurance. The products they offer are available through your credit union typically at a discounted lower rate than you would find life insurance products from other companies. The products offered are from CMFG Life Insurance Company along with a few other insurance companies including Liberty Mutual Insurance and Esurance, both of which continually receive high ratings.


Trustage Life Insurance Company started 80 years ago when credit unions started becoming more popular and when people needed a safe and affordable place to put their money. Today, thousands of credit unions offer Trustage Life Insurance because of the integrity and affordability their products provide. Trustage now has millions of members and numerous products to help those members meet their financial goals in a non-stressful way.


Trustage Life Insurance Company offers two different life insurance products, term life, and whole life. Their term life insurance products are available in a variety of terms as well as a variety of coverages in order to enable everyone with any size budget to afford protection. Their whole life insurance is unique in the fact that the premiums never change; you choose the rate you are comfortable paying and you lock it in for life. This enables you to have the coverage you need without straining yourself financially. You are able to set yourself up today for what tomorrow may bring.


Due to the fact Trustage works closely with credit unions, which are member only facilities, they offer unique protection to its members. The products are more affordable and you can trust that the company is reputable as credit unions are very choosy about who they do business with and whose products they offer to their members.


If you are not a credit union member, you will not have access to the products Trustage offers as they only operate through credit unions. The products they offer are also very limited as the only cash accumulation product they offer is whole life insurance. While the product is available in a variety of lengths and coverage amounts, there is only one type of whole life insurance. If you are an aggressive investor or need to accumulate large amounts of cash on your investments, you will not find them at Trustage life Insurance Company which may limit the amount of coverage you are able to receive.

Popular Products

Most members of a credit union are on a budget and are frugal with their money, which is why the term life insurance policy offered by Trustage Life Insurance Company is the most popular. With this product, members can choose the amount they can afford. The coverage is temporary, basically covering you in the event of a spontaneous death rather than a death that occurs due to old age, but it is great coverage for young people or those on a budget that cannot afford greater coverage.


Trustage employs more than 4,000 people total in all of its locations, which are in Wisconsin, Iowa, Texas, and Kansas. Every employee knows the values that this life insurance company carries and must carry them out in the work they perform. Trustage always puts people first, processing claims fast and providing the coverage that credit union members need the most.


This company’s ratings continually remain high as is demonstrated in their A.M. Best rating of an A, which is considered an excellent rating.

About Prime Mutual
About Prime Mutual

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