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Transamerica claims that their ultimate goals are not “numbers” but rather helping their clients to protect their hard-earned assets by assisting them (with use of their available financial tools) to “build a better tomorrow.”

Transamerica is a prominent figure in the world’s insurance, financial security and investments sectors with over twenty-seven (27) million customers worldwide.

They claim that they dedicate every available resource to assist their clients in “making their tomorrow everything they planned for.”


Transamerica Corporation began in 1904 with an entrepreneur writing small personal loans out of a saloon. This entrepreneur later fused with Bank of America (in 1928) where he eventually acquired Occidental Life Insurance Company through the Transamerica Corporation. In 1956 the insurance company was separated from the banking aspect where it kept the name Transamerica.

Through a magnitude of innovative and acquisition efforts during the sixties and seventies (1960-1970), Transamerica was able to successfully acquire a vast array of ownership interests. These interests are not only the prominent life insurance sector but also a motion picture distributor know as United Artists, a variety of financial services, a Budget Rent A Car enterprise, as well as Trans International Airlines.

After dabbling in this strange assortment of ownership, in the eighties (1980’s) Transamerica regained focus of their initial goals and priorities to make life insurance and other financial tools more accessible to the vast majority of American citizens.


Transamerica seems to take advantage of technology in its utilization of technological features to better provide ample customer service to their clients. Such innovative customer service features include not only being able to have any questions or concerns addressed via a call center, but also through live chat, email, Twitter, Facebook, and even Google +. There are extra benefits to be had when using the live chat feature as you have instant access to a customer service representative that will guide you through every feature and tool available on their site.

Transamerica offers a variety of policy options that are among the most flexible on the market, which allows the consumer to alter a life insurance plan, so it best meets their unique needs. Of these coverage options are the main categories of policies that include term life insurance, whole life insurance, guaranteed life insurance, and universal life insurance. Additionally, Transamerica offers its customers a variety of conversion options one of which is a return premium policy that allows the policyholder to be reimbursed their premium contributions in the event that they outlive their policy.

Transamerica also offers a mortgage life option that will pay off the remainder of the policyholder’s mortgage for the member’s family in the event of death before the mortgage is repaid.

If it is affordability in a life insurance policy that you are looking for, Transamerica offers low coverage options that begin in the amount of $25,000.

Transamerica claims that the house one of the nation’s leading online educational resources available through a life insurance company. Where such a platform includes useful interactive preparation tools, beginner’s guides to insurance, immediate price quotes and a dedicated and extensive frequently asked questions page.


Consumer reviews of Transamerica life insurance policies seem to almost all complain about the same two things, benefits payouts, and product service. Both of which would otherwise appear to be strong (or at the very least decent) sectors in the Transamerica organization.

The complaints in regards to benefits payouts do not directly state that Transamerica has not paid out such obligatory death benefits, but rather that they “take their time” in doing so. Says multiple consumer reviews.

The other reviews that appeared to be prominent amongst consumer complaints were about the lack of follow through in sending documents and requests policy info

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