Stonebridge Life Insurance Review

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Company Address: 187 West Street

Rutland, VT 05701

Phone: 802-775-8877

Toll-Free: 800-362-6900


Stonebridge Life Insurance, an AEGON company, offers a variety of insurance products. In addition to life insurance, they provide health, dental and accident insurance. Their primary market is life insurance products, which they sell directly to the consumer in person, over the phone, and on the Internet.


Stonebridge Life Insurance Company started 40 years ago as a separate company and serves more than 3.5 million customers with a variety of insurance products. In recent years, they have become an AEGON company, which helped strengthen the financial rating and success of Stonebridge as AEGON has interest in more than twenty markets throughout the world. Stonebridge is also a partner of JCPenney, one of the most successful retail establishments in the United States. This partnership allows Stonebridge to expand its offerings to JCPenney customers that are looking for reliable, affordable insurance protection. On October 1, 2015, as an AEGON company, Stonebridge merged with Transamerica Life Insurance Company to create an even more successful and powerful insurance company.


Stonebridge offers many different programs for its clients to ensure the proper fit for every family’s needs. They offer term, whole, universal, and variable universal life insurance along with coverage for private medical and dental needs. This life insurance company offers competitive prices and easy to understand products for families with any size income. They offer a variety of products that help meet the needs of the conservative investor that prefers a term life insurance policy that expires after a specified period, as well as variable life insurance policies for the more experienced or progressive investor as the premiums, are re-invested to help you make more profits for your future. There is a Stonebridge product for every type of investor.


AEGON is a well-known, financially stable company, which gives Stonebridge the benefit of strength as well. Merging with Transamerica was another positive move made by Stonebridge, helping to further the options they can offer as well as enhance their reach throughout the United States. In addition, it is very easy to deal with Transamerica (Stonebridge) any time of day or night as you can access your account online 24/7. Their website is easy to navigate, allowing you to get the answers to all of your most pressing questions no matter where you are or what time of the day it may be.

Popular Products

One of the most popular products that Stonebridge offers that you will not find at many other insurance companies is the final expense policy. This policy enables you to leave money for your loved ones upon your passing. This takes the burden off of your loved ones when it comes to paying funeral and burial expenses, which can be quite burdensome. The final expense policy has a guaranteed cash value, allowing you the peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will be covered upon your death.


AEGON is one of the world’s largest insurance organizations with some of the most knowledgeable and easy to work with agents. Each employee undergoes training to ensure your utmost satisfaction with exceptional service and education regarding every life insurance product available to you.


Stonebridge Life Insurance Company, prior to their merge with Transamerica, received a Standard and Poor’s rating of A+. This last rating was in February 2015. Transamerica’s Standard and Poor’s rating was an AA-, giving Stonebridge even more strength and leverage for a positive rating in the future.

As of A.M. Bests’ most recent report, Stonebridge Life Insurance Company was given an A+ rating and Transamerica has the same ratings reporting for the same time periods as well. As of the October 1st merge, there have not been any new ratings provided.

About Prime Mutual
About Prime Mutual

Prime Mutual has been helping seniors compare the best final expense insurance companies throughout the United States since 2016. We believe in educating our clients, building trust, and assisting them plan for end of life expenses. With a growing population of seniors in retirement, it is more important than ever to have a financial plan in place to help struggling families honor their loved ones.

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