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Sagicor Life Insurance Company is a full-service life insurance company that takes pride in their ability to offer their customers value and quality when it comes to life insurance products. Currently, they offer clients both universal and term life insurance coverage policies. They also provide annuities that range all the way from long-term security to immediate options and are known within the market for their original life insurance systems and products.

Sagicor Life Insurance Company as of today operates in forty-five of the nation’s states, plus the District of Columbia. Their quality products are sold through a total of six thousand five hundred independent agencies. It is through these agencies that Sagicor has established the solid foundation of which it operates on with current assets totaling an impressive $1.2 billion dollars.


Sagicor Life Insurance Company itself has been around for the better part of sixty years, only having been a part of its now parent company since 2005. Sagicor Financial Corporation (Sagicor Life Insurance’s parent company) is one of the oldest operating insurance firms in the United States. Sagicor Corp. operates worldwide where they currently have offices in twenty-one (21) countries, most of these offices being located throughout the United States, the Caribbean, and Central America. Sagicor Financial Corp. is also soundly situated on a solid financial positioning where to date the company has approximately $5.5 billion dollars in assets.


You cannot overlook one of the strongest positives about Sagicor Life Insurance Company, being their A- (or excellent rating) by A.M. Best. Sagicor Life Insurance Company received this rating due to its consistent earnings, sustained adequate capitalization, and overall favorable operating results. This excellent rating means that as a whole Sagicor Life Insurance Company is in a satisfactory financial position to meet all of its financial obligations. This is good news if you have a life insurance policy with Sagicor, as there is no reason to lose sleep over whether or not your family will receive benefits upon your death.

Additionally, Sagicor Life Insurance Company is one of the very few (and we mean like one of two) life insurance companies that offer its customer’s superior no medical exam universal life insurance coverage, as well as no medical exam term life insurance policy options. For this very reason, Sagicor Life has been ranked amongst other life insurance reviewers to be in the nations:

  • Top ten no medical exam life insurance company providers
  • Top ten life insurance companies in the United States
  • Top final expense insurance companies

The face value of Sagicor’s no medical life insurance policies range from as little as twenty-five thousand (25,000) dollars all the way up to four hundred thousand (400,000) dollars. Another plus worth mentioning with regards to Sagicor Life Insurance Company is the speed of which they can approve and insure their clients. It has been noted that from start to finish of the approval and coverage issuance process generally takes a mere fifteen minutes.


As far as negative mentions go with Sagicor there are really none to speak of, as the company has little to no complaints through the Better Business Bureau nor any other consumer complaint organizations. Also, the reality is that Sagicor Life Insurance fills an enormous void in the sector with their offering of such superior no medical exam life insurance policy coverage. This is something that can be said for next to none of any other current life insurance providers on the market.

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About Prime Mutual

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