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Protective Life Insurance offers a variety of life insurance products along with a select few unique insurance and investment options throughout the United States. Protective is a company driven by values, demonstrated throughout their 100-year history and millions of dollars in written policies.


Founded in 1907 by Governor William Dorsey Jelks, Protective Life Insurance Company was up to $65 million dollars in insurance policies by 1932. From there, Protective continued to grow, reaching $1 million in policies by 1957. In 2006, they began acquiring other companies, with the first being Chase Insurance Group. Today, they have 47 acquired companies and are a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dai-ici Life Insurance Company.


Protective Life Insurance Company offers a variety of life insurance products to meet the needs of single members as well as families. They offer a variety of cash accumulation policies that enable you to borrow from your policy throughout your life or simply pay the premiums and allow the benefit to grow for your loved ones when you are gone as well as term life policies for those that prefer a short-term policy to cover their dependents in the event of their untimely death. Among the cash accumulation policies (whole life policies) are the Variable Universal Life Policies that enable you to invest your money for use later in life or upon your death. These policies aggressively invest your money, so make sure they are not your only source of investment as you need some diversification to ensure a stable future and benefits for your loved ones upon your passing.


Protective operates on the premise of living for today and providing for tomorrow. They want their clients to make the most of their investments so they can enjoy life, no matter what difficulties come their way. They make it very easy to track your policy’s progress, ask questions, and conduct financial transactions at any time of day or night with their easy to use interface online. In addition, their knowledgeable associates are available via phone or email to answer the questions you could not find the answers to online or to help point you in the right direction should you find that your needs change.

Popular Products

Among the standard life insurance products, is a product that stands out from the rest – Survivor Universal Life Insurance. This policy is meant for married couples, rather than one person. It is a more affordable way to have life insurance on both parties in a relationship without taking out two policies. The benefits are payable on this policy when the survivor, or the second person, passes away. This is a great way to ease the stress of estate planning or to keep a business running upon the loss of both partners in a marriage. It is a popular product that Protective provides for its clients.


Each employee working for Protective Life Insurance Company operates under integrity and honesty. They are in business to build trust with each client and to help them build a better tomorrow. They strive to make the insurance selection process as mindless as possible as they know how mind-numbingly complicated it can get with agents throwing numbers, possibilities, and costs your way. There is no confusion when you shop with Protective – what you see is what you get and it is all put into layman’s terms.


As of April 28, 2015, Protective Life Insurance Company received an A+ rating from A.M. Best, which is considered superior, and an AA- from Standard and Poor’s, which is considered very strong.

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About Prime Mutual

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