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Prime America (also referred to as Primerica) Life Insurance Company is just a baby in terms of its age in the financial life insurance market, only having been around since 1977. Primerica Life is a prominent name in the life insurance sector as they are very successful in marketing and issuing term life insurance plans to millions of consumers nationwide. Primerica Life is well known amongst the market for their life insurance and financial products.

Primerica Life Insurance Company is unique in the way that it is structured and is, in fact, unlike any other life insurance firm to date. Most life insurance companies have been around for decades (some even century’s) longer than Primerica, and most were established on some sort of financial insurance foundation. Primerica however, is unique in that it began (and still operates under) a multi-level marketing firm (or MLM).

This means that the Primerica Life Insurance Company sells its life insurance and financial products under more than one hundred thousand (100,000) independent sales associates. They use an unusual combination of distribution, direct selling, and franchising with regards to selling Primerica’s products.

As of current, Primerica Life Insurance is an independent firm (operating solely on its own) with a particular interest in term life insurance policy sales as opposed to whole or universal policies.


In 1970, Primerica Life Insurance Company was founded on the philosophy “Buy Term and Invest the Difference.” This philosophy is still in effect to this day. They have an intrinsic mission to encourage consumers nationwide to buy term life insurance policies through their sellers. This way the policyholder, and their families can have the financial protection that they deserve, at a price in which they can afford. Additionally, with the money that is saved by buying term life insurance, the families will thus have more money to invest in their family’s future.

Primerica Life currently operates under a newly independent company that is openly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (PRI), and that deems itself the largest independent financial services marketing firm in the nation.


Primerica Life Insurance Company contributes its success to their effective multi-level marketing structure (MLM) as well as it characteristic business model. Some of the benefits of buying into Primerica life insurance and financial services include:

  • First of the agents (given Primerica sales structure) is generally a friend or family member of the potential policyholder, and thus this establishes a sense of security and overall contentment, which in retrospect is right on par with how someone who buys into Primerica should feel. The company has proven over the past few decades their intrinsic financial strength and stability, as affirmed by A.M. Best, a leading premier insurance rating agency.
  • Primerica has an excellent reputation for paying out death benefits in full and in a timely manner.
  • Additionally, all of Primerica life insurance policies come stocked with an accommodating and supportive terminal illness guaranteed benefit.
  • Primerica Life Insurance Company can save consumers, who are looking to protect their family in case of an unexpected accident. This is because the term life insurance policies (Primerica Life’s specialty) are cheaper than whole and universal life insurance policies.


Though we mentioned that term life insurance is generally less expensive than whole or universal life insurance, and it is, Primerica’s rates are on the high side as compared to competitors who also sell term policies.

Primerica only offers term policies, of which, they do not provide a conversion package in the instance that the policyholder wishes to convert to a whole or universal policy.

Additionally, Primerica’s business model makes its independent sales agents work only part-time, meaning they do not have a very hefty income, and according to statistics, do not typically stick with the company very long. This means that you will likely have no stable agent.

About Prime Mutual
About Prime Mutual

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