Maine Burial Insurance Resource Guide for Consumers

MaineMaine Final Expense Insurance should be an important part of the financial planning of any family, no matter the age or health of the individuals. With funeral expenses in ME increasing faster than the rate of inflation, a simple burial and service could cost upwards of ten thousand dollars. Even cremation would cost as much as one thousand dollars. This can cause a financial hardship on your loved-ones right when they can least handle it emotionally and financially. With Main Burial Expense Insurance, you have peace of mind that an untimely or sudden death in the family will not force your surviving loved ones to dip into savings or, worse, go into debt to pay for your funeral.

Planning for the Inevitable.

While no one likes to think about their death, everyone eventually dies, even in Maine. And sometimes it happens sooner than we’d like as accidents, disasters, or even sudden illness can strike without warning. The better prepared you are the better your surviving loved ones will be able to handle your death emotionally and financially. Often they will have three days to make decisions and this can cause anguish and conflict. However, if you make the important decisions ahead of time, including having Maine Final Expense Insurance in place, this will make it a lot easier on your loved ones. Plan what you want done and place those instructions in a file and make sure your spouse and even older children know where that file is. You could go as far as where the service is to be held, who should officiate, who should speak, what Bible verses to read, and what music you’d liked played. Also put in this file important information such as you Maine Burial Expense Insurance policy, any other insurance you may have, deeds to any property you own, titles to the cars, and the key to and location of your safe deposit box. Planning ahead will make the traumatic event of your death easier for your loved ones and give you peace of mind

Why Final Expense Insurance

We all love living in Maine and the strong independent streak we all share. From the Aroostook potato fields to the coast Maine lobster traps, we live in a beautiful state and it’s difficult to think about death in such wonderful surroundings. But we have very cold, icy winters in Maine that make driving treacherous and moose and elk are known to wander onto interstates highways. Hitting one of those in ME far from any towns could easily be fatal. That is why even if you are young and in good health, planning ahead and having Maine Burial Expense Insurance is a good idea.

You may already have life insurance, but that is designed to pay for the house mortgage, the car and credit card debts, or the expense of putting the children through college. If your family has to dip into that or into savings to pay for your service and burial, that is that much less money they have to live on after one of the wage-earners in the family is gone. We all know dying in America and Maine is expensive. End-of-life medical care can suck up savings very quickly and eat into life insurance proceeds. Having the added expense of paying for a funeral without Maine Final Expense Insurance can devastate a family’s finances buy either depleting savings or putting them into debt.

Final Considerations

Even if you wish to be cremated in the state of ME, the costs can be high. A full funeral and burial will cost even more. There’s the casket and burial plot and grave marker that all need to be paid for. If your heart-broken family is making snap decisions they will likely not make good decisions and perhaps spend too much. If you plan ahead and make the decisions now, including having Maine Burial Expense Insurance then the final expense of your death and burial will not cause your family hardship. Your final resting place is important to your survivors. But the expense increases as you get more and more regal with your service, funeral, and final resting place. Having Maine Burial Expense Insurance in place is an affordable way to ensure your wishes are fulfilled and your family gets what they want.

Maine Final Expense Insurance is a simply way to ensure your family is cared for in the event of your sudden or untimely death. It is affordable insurance and can save your surviving loved-ones money and anguish if combined with a prior plan that you put together with their help. Maine Burial Expense Insurance is not for you, but for your family and their needs in your final hours. Living in Maine we know the value of taking care of our families.