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Today Globe Life is a subsidiary firm of the large parent organization, Torchmark Corporation. Torchmark was founded in 1851 and has proven to have solid policyholder base with a total of almost four million (3.9) active subscribers. In 2013 as well as an astounding $66 billion of life insurance in force on its own.

In the early years of Globe Life, the company deemed its primary marketing tool to reach rural Oklahoma residents through the U.S. mail. This proved to work so well for the insurance company that to this day it is their primary means of marketing and reaching new and existing customers.

Together Globe Life and its parent company strive to remain active in their communities. Just this year Globe Life purchased the naming rights to the stadium in Arlington, Texas where the Texas Rangers will play baseball for the next 10 years.


Globe Life was founded in 1951 under the name of Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company. The company was started on $60,000 of borrowed capital with the intention to offer consumers in the Oklahoma rural community’s superior life and accident insurance.

As of current, Globe Life has grown to become known as one of the more noticed and reliable of all life insurance providers in the United States. To date, Globe Life has more than $69 billion of life insurance in force. Thus living up to their mission of providing consumers with secure life insurance protection that they can have faith in.


It is hard to overlook the most noticeable positive of the Globe Life brand name as well as their life insurance, and that is its financial position in the market. Globe Life has only been around since 1951, which in financial services terms, is a relatively short period. However, to have built a foundation as strong as they have in this short amount of time is rather impressive. A.M. Best affirms this impressive financial structure with an awarded A+ rating for Globe Life, where A.M. Best is the leading insurance rating agency on the market. A rating of this nature means that Globe Life is more than in a good position to meet any and all financial obligations to current and future policyholders. This is excellent news if your policy is through Globe Life. Upon your death, your family will have no problem receiving death benefits in a timely fashion.

Aside from the excellent financial stability Globe Life guarantees their policyholders the full value of their policies as they fix the face value amount. This means that if you have a policy that is $25,000 you have no reason to be concerned that it may only pay out around $10,000.

Another positive worth pointing out about Globe Life is that their life insurance policies are competitively priced with regards to other market premiums. While they are not the cheapest in the market, they are average and with such financial strength and solid brand name, it makes for Globe Life being a reasonable option.

A benefit if you have preexisting conditions that are of a concern, is that Globe Life offers no medical exam life insurance policies. Just be prepared that if you select one of these policies it may not be as competitively priced.


A negative that stands out to us right off the bat is that Globe Life’s primary life insurance product does not insure its policyholders after the age of 80. That means that if you invested 30 years worth of premium payments toward your policy and then live past 80 years old, you will have lost every penny that you put into this Globe Life policy. Unfortunately, this also means that you will likely be too old to receive any other alternate forms of life insurance coverage.

Additionally, the premium on this policy will go up every five years all the way until the life of the policy (or policyholder) ends.

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