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Gerber Life Insurance Company offers a unique take on life insurance tailored to fit the specific “needs” of young children. The policies with Gerber Life are marketed as ‘savings plans’ for your small child. When you purchase a policy, you will then begin to make small monthly contributions, or rather premiums that will slowly accumulate a cash value over time. Most individuals who choose Gerber Life Insurance Company for their life insurance needs, allow their policy to accrue cash over long periods of time. As they grow, they will continue to accrue interest (generally at a rate of eight percent). However, some do decide that they wish to recover these paid ‘premiums’ or contributions, which has been noted to be rather difficult (see ‘Negatives’).


The Gerber Life Insurance Company was founded in 1967 by the parent, Gerber Products Company, as a subsidiary. The Gerber Products Company, of which Gerber Life Insurance Company is a subsidiary, is itself a subsidiary of the Nestle Company.

Both the Gerber Products Company and Nestle together have a rich reputation of supporting healthy growth, proper nutrition and adequate learning and development amongst toddlers and infants alike. Henri Nestle, the founder of Nestle (and thus Gerber Products) established Nestle in 1867 after the innovated creation of a nutritious and healthy baby food formula that he had created for a neighborhood child that could not be breastfed.

The Gerber Products brand was also born because of a child. In 1927, Dorothy Gerber started training her then 7-month-old on solid foods. At the time pediatricians simply recommend straining the solids. After her and her husband had struggled emphatically with the straining process, she decided that it was something that could be readily done in a factory, and so it was. Thus, the Gerber baby food brand arose.

In 2007, Nestle acquired Gerber.


Gerber Life Insurance Company offers numerous life insurance plans such as term life insurance, guaranteed life insurance, accident protection, and whole life insurance plans.

Since a Gerber Life Insurance Policy is a type of savings account, and thus the policy accrues ‘cash value’ over time, the company offers their clients the ability to be able to, if in dire need, take a loan out of the policy amount. The loan is allotted up to the total amount available (including the earned eight percent interest). This access to ‘ready cash’ could indeed be considered a plus!

Gerber Life Insurance Company can never cancel your child’s life insurance policy, under no circumstances, as long as you continue to pay the premiums.


According to consumer reviews, one of the chief complaints about Gerber Life Insurance Company is that if one ever decides they want to recover their ‘premiums’ or contributions it has been said to be near impossible. According to research through the company web page under “certain circumstances” the customer can recover, in full, there contributed premiums. However, according to consumer reviews such “certain circumstances” really only involve the death of your child or a seriously debilitating accident.

However, if you suddenly are unable to afford the monthly premium on the policy, you may be entitled to a refund of the ‘cash value’. This is referred to within the company as the surrender value. This is not equal to the total contributed amount upon canceling the policy. The fine print on your policy documents states that during the first few years your policy is open, or the “probationary period,” your policy will hold a zero surrender value. This may be disappointing to you should you choose to cancel after the first couple of years. Though, this fine print also states that after your child’s twenty-fifth birthday, your policy’s surrender value will finally be equal to the contributed amount. Thus, if you cancel before this time, you will likely lose a significant sum of money.

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