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Foresters Life Insurance Company is an insurance company that claims to stand out from all the rest due to their member’s based mission. Where they operate as a fraternal based insurance organization, of which is not controlled by the arduous demands of outside investors, but rather by the members themselves. All of the members of Foresters share a mutual purpose that binds them together in a unique manner of which they invest in their fellow affiliates, their families, and their communities.

As a not-for-profit organization, Foresters offers their members, as well as their families, unique member benefits (which include such additions as legal counseling and scholarship programs), affordable investment products and most importantly highly competitive reasonable insurance premiums.


Foresters was founded in the year 1874, on the foundation of a strong fraternalism principle and still, to this day thrives because of their authentic standards that have brought both strength in numbers and the power of the people to the organization. Staying true to their roots, Foresters principle remains the same as it was when they first opened their doors 140 years ago. “The growth and prosperity of our members and their families are linked directly to the communities in which they live.” With such a family oriented principle behind the company, Foresters only finds it fitting to richly invest in the overall financial security of every one of their members, as well as in their communities in which they live.

Now, still thriving in its third century, Foresters claims to have an understanding of the people and what they desire in an insurance company. Justifying such a clear and concise fundamental know-how with the idea that has been around through all of the revolutions (both cultural and industrial, as well as the new age digital) resulted in such a sculpted and integral understanding.

Due to the continued efforts amongst Forester’s hard-working employees as well as their devout members, Foresters has now branched out outside of just the United States. They are staking new ground throughout the United Kingdom and as well as throughout Canada.


According to Foresters, the biggest plus about their international financial services is that they are solely focused on the well-being of their members and their member’s families.

As an outsider looking in, some obvious positives that stand out would be the strong product line. They offer whole life insurance, term life insurance, universal life insurance, accidental death insurance and also final expense insurance. This extensive catalog of offerings together with “excellent” or “A” A.M. Best rating (which means that the company is in good standing economically speaking), leads to the conclusion that Foresters may have a lot of benefits to offer their members.

Additionally, it has been noted that Forester’s “for the people” mentality and excellent financial standing permits them to accept even the highest of risk clients.

Lastly, the fundamental principles on which this life insurance organization operates cannot be overlooked as a ‘positive,’ as Foresters claims to channel all of their resources toward these three essentials.

    • Supporting children’s health, while focusing efforts on increasing opportunities for family time, all the while offering substantial financial strength to the communities of its members
    • Financially (physically and emotionally) assisting members and member’s families
    • Encouraging collaboration and camaraderie amongst all of the organizations members


According to reviews scattered across the Internet, the majority seem to be positive reviews made by satisfied customers, where every now and again (rarely speaking) you come across one semi-negative review of Foresters.

That being said, it would by the looks of this review appear that perhaps Foresters is the perfect insurance company that has all of its principles aligned with what it is that most individuals find important in life.

Foresters may very well be the right life insurance provider for you, catering to the particular niche in which you fit. Just take care not to make any uninformed decisions if you have yet to educate yourself on other life insurance providers.

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