Florida Consumer Guide to Burial Insurance in Florida (FL)

FloridaFlorida final expense insurance is meant to cover the costs associated with your burial and other expenses that you might leave behind as a result of a sudden death. Many Floridians make the mistake of foregoing this kind of burial insurance because they believe that they have enough money in savings to handle such costs–this might be especially the reasoning for many of those within the state’s retirement population. Relying on your savings account in lieu of a Florida burial expense insurance policy is not safe because you might end up needing the money for another purpose at a later date. Plus, your savings could be used by your family for an entirely different purpose, and getting other coverage for your burial and death expense can take much of the burden off of their shoulders during such a time. There are a variety of reasons why having Florida final expense insurance makes sense, whether you are a retiree or a provider for your spouse and young family.

FL Insurance and Burial Costs

Florida burial expense insurance is designed to pay for basic burials or cremations–the option you choose is completely up to you, but keep in mind that traditional burials are more expensive than being cremated. At the same time, your Florida insurance policy will need to account for other items such as your funeral and burial plot. If you desire anything out of the ordinary, such as specialized headstone, now is the time to decide this so that you can ensure that your loved ones will have enough money to grant your final wishes when the time comes.

An ordinary funeral might seem affordable from the outside, it even a basic ceremony can cost thousands of dollars in Florida. It is best not to rely on your savings account, or those of your family members to pay for such costs. This is especially the case if you want a more extravagant funeral that will cost twice or triple the amount of an average ceremony.

Other Final Florida Expenses

Aside from the costs designated towards the final resting place that a Florida burial expense insurance plan has to offer, there are other costs associated with your death that many residents do not account for when they finalize their plans. Medical bills are a common expense in FL, especially among the elderly. If your plan does not appropriately provide the funds to cover these bills, then the expenses will ultimately be left up to your loved ones.

Florida final expense insurance coverage also helps to cover any outstanding debts that you owe. This can be in the form of non-secured debt, such as credit card bills and personal loans, as well as secured versions like a car or house payment. You can help to take the burden off of your loved ones by purchasing a Florida burial expense insurance plan that offers adequate coverage to carry over to all of your debts so that your family is not harassed by creditors upon your unexpected death. Although you might not be around to pay your bills, someone will be expected to cover them.

Florida Final Expense Benefit

The state of Florida consists of a mixture of retired individuals, as well as young families. Generally, larger cities, such as Jacksonville and Tampa, are home to working-age adults as well as their spouses and children. When it comes to planning to purchase a Florida burial expense insurance plan, it is important that you also account for the people in your family that you still support. Even if you are retired, you might still consider leaving money for your spouse and children to help them to better pay for your final expenses.

An untimely death is not only traumatic for a family, but the loved ones could then be in turn left with tough decisions in terms of how they will be able to survive without your Florida income. This is especially the case if you are the sole of primary provider of the family, and if you provide all members with medical insurance through your employer. A death benefit with a burial and final expense insurance policy can help to temporarily provide your children and spouse with enough money to survive on without them having to sacrifice their current quality of life.

When choosing the death benefit associated with your Florida final expense insurance policy, it is often better to select more expense coverage than you think your family needs, as opposed to getting too little. At the same time, this does not mean that you should select an amount so large that it does not make sense in terms of your current income and an expense. In such cases, the FL insurance provider could deny your application.