The Advantages As Well As The Drawbacks Of Direct Cremation That Every Person Should Be Aware Of

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Did you know that direct cremation offers an alternative to traditional body burials?

While many people are aware of cremation, countless remain unaware of direct cremation. In fact, direct cremation is often a far more affordable option. Avoiding rising funeral fees along with headstone costs, direct cremation has helped many individuals and loved ones escape the hefty costs typically attributed to end of life expenses.

Advantages of Direct Cremation

Curious what costs are reduced or eliminated with direct cremation? Here’s a list of some of the biggest costs that are avoided.

Casket Fees

Embalming Fees

Transportation Fees

Viewing Fees

Vault Fees

Grave Opener Fees

Headstone Fees

Burial Fees

Funeral Service Fees

Chapel Fees

In addition to eliminating some of the largest costs associated with final expenses, direct cremation also offers an environmentally stable alternative. Due to the fact that no land is disturbed during the process of burial, direct cremation provides a more environmentally friendly solution. After all, not every family wants to select a permanent place for burial. In fact, it’s common for many people to choose direct cremation due to the portability and simplicity it offers.

Ultimately, the greatest advantage direct cremation can provide is an alternative for families who are far from loved ones or are looking for options outside of traditional funeral services.

Drawbacks of Direct Cremation

Although direct cremation can be an ideal option for some, this is not always the case for every individual or family. After all, there is something to be said about having a full funeral service.

For many loved ones, funerals are therapeutic, offering a chance to say goodbye and commemorate the life that was lived. Sometimes, a cremation alone will simply not be comforting enough for loved ones. Funerals can be difficult, but they also can also be special moments. For some, funerals are an opportunity to grieve and express their love and condolences in the presence of family and friends.

Direct cremations while being cost-effective does not offer the same type of services and community that a funeral can provide. In addition, it’s important to note that some funeral homes will become challenging to work with and will try much harder to upsell on additional add-ons or extras when direct cremation is chosen.

However, ultimately, there are no right or wrong answers. Although there are advantages as well as drawbacks, direct cremation is a personal decision. What may be the right choice for one person or family may not necessarily be the right choice for someone else.

Regardless, it is important to be aware of all your options so that you can make the most informed decision possible when it comes to your future, not for the sake of personal gain but for the future sake and security of your loved ones.

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About Prime Mutual

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