Creating a Personalized Memorial Service

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Memorial services vary considerably in tone, content, and style and can easily be personalized to the individual who is being memorialized. As more families choose to customize their memorial service to veer from the more traditional customs, the options to celebrate the life of a friend or family member has grown exponentially. Although planning a funeral can be somewhat overwhelming, by knowing some of the great choices you have to make a memorial unique, you can plan a funeral that is tailored to your budget, needs, and personality of the deceased loved one. Let’s take a look at some ideas of how to create a personalized memorial service.

Customize Funeral Flowers

Funeral flowers come with an endless array of designs, colors, and styles. You may pick a particular color or flower as part of the memorial’s overall theme. This theme can be geared towards sports, association, hobby, organization, or practically anything else. A good place to look for flower arrangement ideas is the Flower Shop Network, which you will find an assortment of different flower ideas from gardener to Masonic to Cowboy to religious.

Light Candles to Remember Your Loved One

One sense that often never leaves the mind is a smell. Allow your family to recall a particular scent that reminds them of their loved one. For example, candles that smell just like grandma’s famous apple pie. Have your family light candles that will add a healing and soothing aroma to the memorial service. If you’d like to make the memorial service even more special than bringing luminaries for your family to honor the passing of their loved one. You may even allow your funeral guests to release them into the sky themselves. However, before doing so check with your state’s regulations.

Pick a Funeral Theme

A great way to personalize a memorial service is to celebrate the loved one through choosing a funeral theme. This can be in celebration of their military achievements, charitable service, favorite sports, heritage, religion, or any other number of interests. For example, if someone has an Irish heritage, then you may consider having a traditional Irish Wake for his or her funeral. On the other hand, for someone who loves to hunt, you can cover their walls with mounted trophies, camouflage, and leaves. From Harry Potter décor to Seattle Seahawks colors, the possibilities are nearly endless. It can be as simple as having photos of the baseball team they coached or pictures of the kids they mentored with to brighten up a viewing room.

Use Quotes, Sayings, or Poems

It is an excellent idea to use quotes as a way to comfort and inspire your funeral goers, as well as a way to express feelings of love, hope, and grief. If your passed loved one had a particular Bible verse, poem, song lyric, or quote, then this can be included in the memorial service as a way to remember him or her. If there isn’t a particular one that they loved then do research on various epitaph Bible verses, eulogy quotes, and Scripture verses to see if one pops out at you. You may even want to consider throwing in some funeral humor, if you have the right crowd, as this can help ease the tension and lift people’s spirits.

Replace Traditional Funeral Decorations with Your Families

Ask the friends and family of the deceased loved one to use their choice decorations instead of using the viewing room’s traditional ones. This will allow them to feel more at ease and comfort, which is vital during the grieving process. You can help streamline the process by providing candleholders, frames, and vases.

Play a Song at the Funeral

Playing the favorite song of your passed loved ones can provide just the right amount of nostalgia and emotional touch. Ensure that you take the time to pick out just the right song so that there is not an awkward moment of guests waiting for it to end. An excellent way to do this is to make music a transition in the memorial service, during the viewing, or to give your funeral guests a time to reflect. If you are not sure which song to pick out then do some research on popular traditional hymns, classical music, or contemporary songs to use.

Design a Memory Table

One of the best ways to create a personalized funeral service is to design a memory table. Creating memory tables is a lovely idea as there are so many ways you can go about creating it. You can even establish a variety of different memory tables that are placed throughout the viewing room to create a sort of station that represents the various passions or chapters of your deceased loved one. There are endless possibilities and so make sure that you encourage friends and family members to utilize their imagination.

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