Colorado Consumer Guide to Final Expense Insurance

ColoradoColorado Final Expense senior life insurance is something you can do today to protect your family and loved ones while living in the great state of Colorado. As a funeral is not for the dead but for the survivors, final expense insurance protection is for those we leave behind. The cost of a funeral and burial is going up faster than the rate of inflation and can cost as much as ten thousand dollars. Even a simple cremation can cost up to one thousand. Without this important protection your family could be left trying to pay for a funeral and internment with no choice but to dip into savings or use proceeds from other insurance such as life. Colorado Burial Expense Insurance should be part of every family’s financial planning along with saving for retirement and planning your next vacation.

20 Leading Causes of Death in Colorado (2017)Totals
Heart Disease7,060
Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases2,604
Alzheimers Disease1,830
Drug-Induced Causes1,050
Alcohol-Induced Causes1,018
Chronic Liver Disease/Cirrohsis865
Injury by Firearms779
Automobile Accidents678
Kidney Disease503
Parkinson Disease490
Hypertension & Rental Disease298
Assault (Homicide)261
HIV (Human-Immunodeficiency Virus)55


Why Final Expense Insurance

We are so fortunate to live in a great state like Colorado. Its natural beauty is unsurpassed and the opportunities for outdoor activities unparalleled. Of course if you like to ski, CO is a skier’s paradise. But there’s more to it than that. There’s hiking in the Rockies, exploring the eclectic neighborhoods of Denver, whitewater rafting the Arkansas River, catching a professional major-league football, baseball, or basketball game. Or go to Boulder to for Pac-12 college football or just to enjoy the ambiance and scenery there. From Pagosa Springs with its Southwest flavor to Sterling on the Great Plains, Colorado offers something for everyone. But even so, accidents happen to the even the most careful person. And sudden disease can strike at any time, cutting down even a healthy individual. You probably have insurance on your house, car, and life. This probably makes you sleep better and with peace of mind. Add to that peace with Colorado final expense insurance to protect your loved ones.

Planning for the Inevitable.

No one likes to think about their own death. But even in CO, no one gets out of life alive. If you were to die your family would have three days to plan, pay for, and conduct services for you and have your remains taken care of. With some simply prior planning you can save them much suffering, and perhaps even conflict. Plan out the funeral or service you with to have from who should officiate to what music to play and what Bible verses to read. You might even want to consider who will be pall bearers. Place all this information in a file along with your Colorado Burial Insurance policy and make sure your spouse or older children know where it is. The same file should also contain your life insurance policies, deeds to any property, and titles to the car. Your burial and service is too important to leave up to the last minute of distraught survivors. Plan ahead and keep the plan up to date and keep up to day your Colorado Burial Expense Insurance.

Colorado final expense insurance is not just for older folks. Anyone in Colorado with a family would benefit from this type of coverage. If you were to suddenly die it would protect your family’s finances. Without Colorado Final Burial Insurance they may have to dip into savings or use proceeds from life coverage. That money should go toward paying off the mortgage, putting the kids through college, or paying down the credit card or car payment bills. It shouldn’t be used to pay for your final service and burial and remember those costs can run up to ten thousand dollars in CO. With Colorado burial expense insurance your surviving family members or loved ones won’t be further traumatized by that expense.

Planning ahead with burial insurance is an act of love for those who will survive you if you were to die. You want a decent burial with a good grave marker so your family has a memorial to you. And that is a large expense. But with this type of coverage, the final expense of your death won’t be a burden to your spouse or children. The expense of a funeral and burial or even a cremation in Colorado continues to go up. You can secure peace of mind for yourself and your family with Colorado burial expense insurance. That by making your final plans known by leaving a file with them listed out will be such a comfort to your family, spouse, or other loved ones who may happen to survive you. This coverage is not just for the elderly but for anyone who wants to protect their family from undue hardship at the hour of their greatest need. It is affordable and easy to obtain yet the peace of mind it brings is priceless. Don’t wait another day.