A growing number of older adults have made the decision to get older in the comfort of their own homes, rather than move to a new community or special care facility. As our loved ones grow older; however, they may find it difficult to take care of themselves. Things they once did easily on their.. More

The estimated costs for a senior citizen or retired person to meet their standard of living requirements is about $40,000 to $44,000 a year by some estimates. Many people between the ages of 65 and 75 have to become semi-retired and return to the workforce. The salary for semi-retired or working seniors is barely $19,000.. More

The sad truth is that if you are middle-aged, or a senior citizen, then you have missed out on the affordability of life insurance. Life insurance is most affordable for young and healthy applicants. All life insurance applications are decided against exacting lifespan statistics and data compiled by actuaries. A life insurance company’s business model.. More

Tips to Help Seniors Stay Healthy at Home

Written by Ross Quade

Most seniors want to maintain their independence at all costs. Naturally, as we age, we are not able to do certain things as when we were younger. Family and friends may offer their help more often, but it can offend some people to think others perceive them to be unable to do routine tasks of.. More

Preparing to apply for final expense insurance coverage? Designed to offset the rising costs of funerals and other burial related expenses, final expense insurance policies can be a wise investment. Often used as a financial safety net for loved ones, final expense insurance policies can offset expenses such as funeral services, casket costs, arrangements, and.. More