Complete Guide to California Final Expense Insurance

CaliforniaCalifornia final expense insurance is designed to help your loved ones pay for any debts that you leave behind so that the burden does not fall on them. Often included in this type of final expense coverage is California burial expense insurance. There are two primary options offered in one of the nation’s largest states–term and whole coverage. Term is an affordable option, and it is designed to provide temporary coverage, while whole options consist of lifelong policies. Once you have determined your coverage needs, it is time to compare quotes from various CA providers in order to lock in the best rates possible.

20 Leading Causes of Death in California (2017)Totals
Heart Disease62,797
Alzheimers Disease16,238
Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases13,881
Hypertension & Rental Disease5,596
Chronic Liver Disease/Cirrohsis5,325
Drug-Induced Causes5,302
Alcohol-Induced Causes5,096
Automobile Accidents4,194
Kidney Disease3,887
Parkinson Disease3,370
Injury by Firearms3,184
Assault (Homicide)2,022
HIV (Human-Immunodeficiency Virus)635


California Term Insurance

Term final expense policies are types of insurance coverage that are taken out for a specified period of time. Once the allotted time is up, then the California policy expires if it has not been used within the time frame. Generally, residents with expired term expense policies apply for new ones so that they do not go without coverage for any length of time. California term final expense insurance is a popular option among residents of all ages because it is the most flexible and affordable.

The primary purpose of California term insurance is to protect your loved ones in the event of your sudden death. Many residents seek California burial expense insurance as a way to cover their final resting costs, so that their families do not have to be burdened. The average funeral and burial costs several thousand dollars, and this does not factor in anything special such as a personalized headstone. Even if you opt for cremation, the costs of the process and a basic funeral are still staggering.

Although it is important that your family has enough funds to pay for your burial, many people make the mistake of not factoring in other expenses that your loved ones might be burdened with. A term policy can help cover unpaid medical expenses that you leave behind, especially if your death is related to a major or sudden illness. Having this kind of insurance can also cover your credit card debts so that collectors do not harass your family.

Another consideration is your children, especially if they are of school age. It is important that your California burial expense insurance policy not only covers your burial, but will also include a death benefit to help to secure the standard of living that your kids are accustomed to. Unfortunately, many families are turned upside down after a death of a parent, in which the children rely heavily on for basic needs.

Lifelong CA Options

Lifelong California final expense insurance policies are most commonly referred to as whole coverage option. Whole policies do not have expiration dates, so you do not need to worry about renewing your coverage at the end of the term. In fact, these policies literally expire upon your death, and the only reason why your coverage is not maintained is due to a lack of payments on your part.

Whole final expense coverage is also more expensive due to the fact that it lasts a lifetime. Young workers with families are some of the best candidates for these types of California burial expense insurance policies because they have more time to contribute to the coverage. It might not make sense for an elderly resident to purchase this coverage because the premiums are higher for the projected short amount of time that you might actually have the policy in place.

Finding Final Expense Quotes

When looking for California final expense insurance quotes, it is best to compare different rates from multiple burial providers. This task can be daunting, especially if you take the traditional route of calling each company on an individual basis. Contacting companies one-by-one takes a great deal of time and effort, and you might also lose track of information due to the multitude of facts you are given at different times.

The best way to obtain California burial expense insurance quotes is to compare rates right here on our website. By submitting a brief questionnaire, you are provided affordable quotes form a variety of CA providers. This saves you the time and effort from having to call every company one at a time.

After looking at different burial rates, narrow your choices down to two to three California companies. Every California final expense insurance company has different application requirements and processes, so you should be patient until you have received confirmation of your policy. If there are any questions regarding your application, you should get in touch with the provider immediately. Keep in mind that various factors can affect your acceptance into both term and whole final expense policies, so you should not count on any coverage until you have received a definitive confirmation from the California burial insurance company.