A Grave Affair – Uncovering Answers to End of Life Questions

A growing number of older adults have made the decision to get older in the comfort of their own homes, rather than move to a new community or special care facility. As our loved ones grow older; however, they may find it difficult to take care of themselves. Things they once did easily on their.. More

The cost of dying is quite high. The average cost of a funeral is between $7,000 and $10,000. Some can cost less, but some can require much more. If you are a military veteran, some of your funeral costs are covered. Your family may be entitled to specific allowances or benefits to help offset the.. More

Many people feel the need to plan out and take care of their funeral and death expenses before they passed.  Some would even say this is part of our nature as we don’t want to inconvenience anybody else with our death. Doesn’t matter what your reason most people nowadays are wanting some say in their.. More

The estimated costs for a senior citizen or retired person to meet their standard of living requirements is about $40,000 to $44,000 a year by some estimates. Many people between the ages of 65 and 75 have to become semi-retired and return to the workforce. The salary for semi-retired or working seniors is barely $19,000.. More

No one likes to think about death. It’s an unfortunate inevitability though, and being prepared is essential. One way that many families prepare is with a life insurance policy. This type of plan provides financial security should something happen to you. While life insurance can be beneficial for younger families, it’s not always the best.. More