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5 Star Life Insurance Company Review

Written by Ross Quade

Company Contact Info: Call: 800-776-2322 (Toll-Free) Company Address: 909 N Washington St Alexandria, Virginia 22314 5 Star Life Insurance Company is an affiliated enterprise of the Armed Forces Benefit Association (AFBA) and is a rapidly expanding provider of life insurance coverage for individual senior markets, as well as group and worksite markets. 5 Star life.. More

Do you know what the average cost of a funeral is today in the U.S? While many people guess a few thousand, the truth is when it’s all said and done the average funeral is much higher than a few thousand. How much higher? The average funeral in the U.S. often ranges from $7,000-10,000, and.. More

How to Save Money on Burial Costs

Written by Ross Quade

When a family member or loved one passes away, and you are the one left to plan the funeral, it can be easy to get it over and done with without adequate planning. Unfortunately, funerals can be extremely costly, and with your emotions running high, you may make important decisions about the funeral that you’ll.. More

10 Things You Should Know for Planning a Funeral

Written by Ross Quade

Helping to plan for your loved one’s funeral service can be a very stressful and complicated situation.  It can take an emotional toll on you and your entire family. Fortunately, many things can be planned beforehand. By completing certain activities ahead of time, this can help reduce the amount of burden left on the caregiver.. More

Best Life Insurance Options For Seniors

Written by Ross Quade

Searching for senior life insurance that best suits your needs, is not the easiest thing to do in the world. There is seemingly an endless number of life insurance companies to choose from, and a range of different policies to look through. The process can be downright overwhelming. Although finding the right policy can be.. More