A Grave Affair – Uncovering Answers to End of Life Questions

Many of us are familiar with the critically-acclaimed HBO drama series, “Six Feet Under”, which focused on a fictional family-owned funeral home in Los Angeles. But even if you’ve never heard of the show, you probably correctly guessed from the title alone that it has something to do with death and burials. The widely-held belief.. More

When you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, every decision can feel overwhelming. Finding the right online memorial and obituary to honor your departed is an important decision. We are here to help cut through the clutter so you can find the website that best meets your needs. We give our readers and guests.. More

It’s an all too familiar scene. Friends and family gathered to mourn the loss of a loved one, shedding tears while passing tissues, wrapping arms around each other, and sharing buffet style meals stacked with comfort food.  But with the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, lockdown orders in place, and social distancing requirements, this way of supporting.. More

We’ve gone from “Ok Boomer” to “Boomer Remover.” Are you outraged or amused? You likely have a visceral feeling one way or another that you can probably explain away by your personal views, who occupies your close circle of loved ones, or your attitude about such things in general. But what it may really come.. More

Death is not a subject that people typically like to talk about, let alone think about. It’s one of those things that we all must face someday, though, which means planning a funeral. Not only can planning a funeral be difficult, especially with the emotional toll of losing a loved one, it can also be.. More