Arkansas Consumers Seek Information to Save the Most on Burial Insurance

ArkansasArkansas final expense insurance, in short, is used to pre-pay your funeral an burial expenses so your family does not have to worry about covering these costs before they have access to your estate.Your insurance funds can be dispersed quickly so your loved ones can make the necessary arrangements as soon as possible. Purchasing final expense coverage adds the extra bonus of locking in a rate for your funeral that will not be affected by inflation, saving your family a great deal of money.

20 Leading Causes of Death in Arkansas (2017)Totals
Heart Disease8,270
Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases2,517
Alzheimers Disease1,436
Kidney Disease725
Injury by Firearms613
Automobile Accidents579
Drug-Induced Causes481
Chronic Liver Disease/Cirrohsis399
Hypertension & Rental Disease399
Parkinson Disease295
Assault (Homicide)278
Alcohol-Induced Causes261
HIV (Human-Immunodeficiency Virus)45


Typically Arkansas burial expense insurance is used to cover the most expensive aspects of a funeral service including the casket, burial and plot and any memorial or religious services you desire. You can work with an Arkansas funeral home and plan these aspects of your ceremony in advance or work with your Arkansas insurance company to determine a general amount that can be spent as your beneficiaries see fit. There is no pressure to get more involved with your burial ceremony than you are comfortable with. The focus is on getting the tools your loved ones will need to carry out these final wishes appropriately.

Expenses to Be Covered

The final expense of a burial service includes many of the same bills from state to state but there are some that must be addressed in AR that may not be elsewhere. For example, unlike other states in Arkansas you must hire a licensed funeral director to take care of any proceedings throughout the burial. Bodies that are not interred within 24 hours must also be embalmed or refrigerated until they are buried. These expensive bills can be covered by your Arkansas burial expense insurance immediately so your loved ones can take their time planning the ceremony and other expenses.

There have been issues throughout AR in the past with people removing valuables and remains from cemeteries. Though there are strict laws to punish anyone caught removing items from grave sites or trying to sell this stolen property, it may be best to prevent this issue from befalling your final resting place. If you are not comfortable with the idea of cremation, you can include the expense of being buried in a cement tomb in your Arkansas burial expense insurance so you can be sure no one will be able to access your casket and any valuables you may have inside.

The casket is often the highest expense throughout the burial process and is often what people have in mind when they purchase Arkansas final expense insurance. If you plan on working with a specific funeral home you may be locked into a limited selection of caskets that they have available which can greatly increase the expense of your memorial. Talk with your insurance agent about how much caskets usually cost to make sure you have determined adequate funds to cover this bill in addition to the other trappings that come with a memorial service.

You will also need to consider the cost of a cemetery plot when you are setting up your Arkansas final expense insurance. This is often something you must plan in advance if you plan on being buried somewhere outside of AR or you want a specific plot near other family members. you can use your insurance to cover this expense beforehand so you do not need to worry that the plot you desired is unavailable when it comes time for your family to make such preparations. This sum will be taken out of your Arkansas burial expense insurance beforehand and the remainder of your benefits will be paid when your loved ones file their final claim.

Finding Insurance

You can purchase Arkansas burial expense insurance from any Arkansas life insurance provider or through the Arkansas funeral home your family will use when it comes time to make the necessary preparations. The latter is typically more appropriate for those who plan to pre-plan their final arrangements instead of leaving that task up to their family, though this is not mandatory in either case. If you do not wish to plan the proceedings, ask your Arkansas funeral provider for a specific list of expenses so you have enough information to plan adequate funding for your service.

Arkansas final expense insurance can cover a variety of different bills, but you will have to determine you truly need covered. The more you expect your policy to pay for, the more you will have to pay to gain coverage. Take the time to see what options are available and how much different items cost so you have a clear idea of how much coverage you will need and how it will be spent. This way you never have to worry about having coverage you will never use or needing more coverage than you paid for.