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American National Life Insurance Company (or ANICO) consists of the parent company (American National Life) and many subsidiaries all writing life insurance policies throughout all fifty (50) states in the United States. Most of the American National Life Insurance products are available for purchase through agents only through some of their policies can be purchased through their website. Interested consumers can find a list of available agents, by state, on American National Life’s website, as well as a list of territories where the company is also licensed to practice.

American National Life Insurance Companies stated mission is to become the nation’s leading choice of life insurance, financial insurance, and planning products, as well as other financial services while managing to maintain their stable economic superiority.


In 1905, the Moody family out of Galveston, Texas founded the American National Life Insurance Company. Since the establishment of the firm, American National Life Insurance Company has picked up multiple subsidiaries, all of which were acquired due to specific potential benefits to the company as a whole. Since American Life was founded, the Moody family has continued to play an influential role in the direction in which the company has taken. Such active management in addition to practical investments has led American National Life to become one of the main contenders in the life insurance marketplace.


American National Life Insurance Company (and their many subsidiaries) offer a wide array of life insurance coverage policies, accident insurance, health insurance, retirement annuities, a variety of pension plan services and products, property insurance, casualty insurance for personal lines of credit, credit insurance, and targeted commercial exposures.

American National received “excellent” ratings from both A.M. Best (the leading premier insurance rating agency) as well as from Standard and Poor’s. This A or “excellent” rating comes from American National Life Insurance Company’s (or ANICO’s) substantial profitability, as well as the company’s liquidity and leverage. These ratings also prove that American National Life Insurance Company is an excellent financial position to meet all of its financial obligations. This bodes well with consumers that are policyholders of an American National Life Insurance policy, as their unique financial structure proves their ability to pay out policy benefits promptly.

American National Life Insurance (ANICO) is becoming increasingly more competitive in the pricing market for life insurance policies. Especially with regards to those policies of a longer term such as their thirty (30) year terms.

An example of such competitive pricing is reflected in the following example: A middle-aged, (forty-five, 45) year old male in pristine health, will pay a mere $86/month for a $500,000, 30-year term life insurance policy.

American National Life Insurance Company is best known for these competitive prices, their hassle free no medical exam policy, and now their fully underwritten capabilities. American National Life has been deemed one of the sectors best no medical exam life insurance providers, where they offer whole, term, and guaranteed life insurance policies quick and in a seemingly effortless manner.


One of the more significant adverse factors worth mentioning is that American National Life Insurance Company does have highly competitive premiums within the no medical exam sector. It is imperative that consumers remember that no medical exam policies are always higher priced than those that require a medical exam or even health history questionnaire. That being said, if you are a consumer shopping for a life insurance policy and one of your main stipulations is price, you may consider a company that requires medical exams for their policies, as the premiums might be lower than American National Life’s.

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About Prime Mutual

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