American Fidelity Life Insurance Review

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American Fidelity Life Insurance, one of the highest rated life insurance companies in the US, offers a variety of life insurance products to meet the needs of military personnel and civilians.


Charles Woodbury, a WWII Marine, founded American Fidelity Life Insurance Company. Mr. Woodbury saw a need to provide military personnel and civilians with reliable methods for retirement planning once he left the military. With this goal in mind, AMFI has been able to remain a stable insurance company throughout the uncertainty of the economy, providing reliable retirement protection for those that served our country. Today, AMFI continues to provide a variety of life insurance policies for military personnel and civilians to help secure a successful future with a variety of products that provide not only death benefits, but also cash accumulation. AMFI is also an underwriter of the military’s Group Life Insurance (SGLI).


AMFI provides a variety of programs for members including universal life insurance, whole life insurance, term and group insurance. Their main focus is on cash accumulation to make retirement affordable and enjoyable for its clients. Even today, more than 60 years later, the Woodbury family continues to stay focused to their desire to help support our troops in their financial endeavors. Due to their special focus on military personnel, AMFI is able to meet the special needs of those that served our country better than a company without this expertise.


AMFI is licensed to operate in 47 states and provides a variety of flexible programs to meet the needs of the men and women of our country. One thing that AMFI likes to boast about is its ability to stay stable during the downturn that the economy took in recent years. Due to the fact they have a conservative approach to investing, they have been able to hold onto their investments rather than cash in and close their doors like many other companies were forced to do. A majority of their investments are in US Treasury notes, which remained stable throughout the trouble the economy experienced.

Popular Products

AMFI has a variety of life insurance products for short-term and long-term use. Two of the most popular programs they offer are the Future First Universal Life Policy and the Flexible Dollar Builder – a whole life policy. Each of these policies provides money to your dependents when you die, but throughout the life of the product, they accumulate cash value enabling you to use the benefits of the policy while you are still alive. This is just one of the many ways AMFI helps our military personnel, as well as civilians make the most of their retirement.


AMFI hosts a very well run customer service department where every employee understands the policies and can answer any questions you may have. They encourage clients to contact them via their website, by phone, fax, or mail – any way that is easiest for you to get in touch with them.


AMFI has received a rating of ‘Api’ by Standard and Poor’s due to their stable earnings and proper diversification of their business to help offset any downturns in the economy. The majority of their business is conducted in Florida, with California, Texas, and North Carolina carrying a quarter of the business as well.

AMFI recently received a rating of ‘BBB’ down from ‘BBB+’ from A.M. Best. This downgrade was due to the trouble the company has had marketing their products on military bases due to new rules set forth on the bases which have caused a slight decline in premiums and operating earnings.

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