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The AARP Life Insurance Program is affiliated with the New York Life Insurance Company and is a program strictly for AARP members of the ages Fifty through eighty (50 – 80). This company has a very limited niche market; of to whom they offer valued group life insurance coverage. Their ultimate goal is to provide their members with valuable reasonably priced life insurance that enables them to have valuable peace of mind that they will leave behind an adequate amount of funds to assist their loved ones in funeral costs, medical bills and other miscellaneous responsibilities that may be left behind when the member passes. Therefore, the primary purpose of AARP’s Life Insurance Program is to afford their members and their member’s family’s protection against financial loss.


AARP, Inc. (which was formerly the American Association of Retired Persons) is a non-profit member-based organization that provides its members, aged fifty (50) and over, with life insurance coverage in an effort to protect their member’s families from financial ruins upon the member’s death.

The AARP was founded in 1958 and was derived as a spinoff of the NRTA or the National Retired Teachers Association, which is still today a division with the AARP. The specifics of the organization’s history and origin is questionable. There is conflicting information floating around on the web, of which one version contradicts the other in terms of company history and the establishment of the AARP Life Insurance Program. Also, it appears as though the “non-profit” status of the AARP has been brought into question on numerous occasion and investigated with results being released as inconclusive (or not enough evidence to change such a status of the company).


The AARP Life Insurance Program offers its members two types of policies:

• Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance provides its policyholder with affordable and reliable coverage throughout their entire life. It provides its holders a maximum of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) of total protection coverage for ages fifty through eighty (50-80). Qualifying for a Permanent Life Insurance policy is simple and involves only an effortless three-question questionnaire and absolutely no health exam.

• Term Life Insurance

The Term Life Insurance plan offers its hold affordable protection coverage until the age of eighty (80). Where such coverage carries a maximum payout of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) in protection from the ages of fifty (50) to seventy-four (74). The Term Life Insurance policy also requires no medical exam and additionally no questionnaire.

Additional benefits that the AARP Life Insurance Program offers its members include:

• A simple application process, where most that apply are accepted
• High coverage options available to those who desire
• No waiting period between acceptance and coverage
• No medical exams, where coverage can (in most cases) be obtained by answering three simple questions


Through extensive research, sifting through many consumer reviews it was hard to overlook AARP Life Insurance Program’s inability and lack of follow-through concerning paying out death benefits to families of deceased members. It seemed as though every other complaint was one of this nature, with the gaps only filled in with complaints about AARP’s customer service.

The customer service complaints more often than not addressed the lack of hospitable tones, desire to maintain and assist current members and the lack of steps taken to resolve outstanding issues that could or could not be the fault of the member. There was also much mention of AARP’s refusal to accept responsibility for any wrongdoings on their part that may have resulted in a lapse in coverage that in many cases led to non-payout of death benefits upon the member passing.

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