6 Things to Think About Before Choosing a Funeral Home

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Whether you want to be proactive in picking out your own funeral home or must find one for a deceased loved one; it is essential that you’re able to be objective when looking at the options presented to you. It’s easy just to choose a funeral home that is close by or that you are familiar with. However, if you do not compare the experiences you will get, such as prices, services, and a number of other components, then you will not be certain that you’re picking out the right funeral home for your situation. When a loved one passes away or when you are faced with your own death by looking at funeral homes, it can be tricky making a decision. Here are six things to think about to make picking out the right funeral home an easier process.

1.  How Many People Will Be Attending the Funeral?

Funeral homes come in a range of sizes and so having a general count of how many people will participate in the funeral will give you a good idea of the funeral home size you are looking for. When considering the size of the funeral home you need, it’s important that you keep in mind the kind of service that will be held. For instance, if the service is going to be held at the funeral home then it will likely be easier to have one big room instead of a wrap-around ancillary so that everyone can have an unobstructed viewing. Otherwise, you may want several adjoining rooms so that people can gather in a similar fashion to how they would in a house.

2.  What Type of Funeral Arrangement Do You Want?

Do you want or will there be a cemetery burial, service, or full viewing? Otherwise, will it just be a simple cremation with a service to scatter the ashes in a lake? Deciding on the type of funeral arrangement is often tough, especially if you are choosing it for yourself. In the case of deciding on a funeral home for your loved one, the hope is that he or she made the decision before their passing otherwise it is often a decision that must be done with other family members that are tasked with planning the burial.

3.  What Are Your Priorities When Making Funeral Arrangements?

When thinking about your priorities for the funeral arrangement, you must consider both convenience and personal choice. If you want the funeral home’s location to be close to the cemetery or your home, then it will be best to pick a funeral home that is close by. If you want the burial to go by particular religious’ practices, then ensure that the funeral homes you are considering are comfortable and even have experience with those practices. By having a well-rounded set of priorities, you will know what components of the funeral home you can sacrifice and which ones are non-negotiable. Be aware that you may have to do some trade-offs in picking a funeral home, but just ensure that your family agrees on the things that are must-haves.

4.  Will There Be Handicap Attendees?

If the funeral procession will have a large gathering, then there more than likely there will be some handicap attendees. The chances of this increase tenfold when the funeral will be made up of an older crowd. If so, then take into consideration whether a particular funeral home has exterior access ramps, as well as handicap bathrooms so that all of the attendees can feel comfortable. Moreover, if there will be handicap attendees, then it is best that all of the public areas are on the ground floor.

5.  What is Your Budget?

Choosing a funeral home is a similar process to shopping around for a car. You must decide on the benefits and features you want, as well as the price that you can afford. It is recommended that you have a family discussion to figure out a budget that won’t break the bank and is reasonable to determine your funeral home budget. You will want to decide on what you and your family want in a funeral to come up with a viable budget.

6.  Do You Want to Have Printed or Multimedia Materials?

Digital slideshows, music, and videos are not always wanted. However, they are becoming a staple in many services. If you want these sort of materials at your service, then you should look for a funeral home that will provide them. Many funeral homes now offer digital presentations and will create a slideshow in-house for the service. Additionally, if you want guest books or prayer cards at the funeral then look into those funeral homes that provide them so that you do not have to purchase them elsewhere.

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Greta James

My mother passed away recently. We knew it was coming, but it is still so hard to get used to this new dynamic. Thank you so much for pointing out that you will want to consider access to ramps for attendees who are handicapped. I also loved that you point out that funeral homes have many different features and costs so make a budget. I will have to follow your rips as we look for a funeral home.

April 2, 2020 at 4:02 pm
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