5 Final Resting Place Options When Choosing a Cremation Burial

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You have several options for your remains once your time on Earth is complete. Instead of a typical burial in the ground, many people opt for cremation. With cremation come several options for storing or discarding of those remains such as keeping them in your loved ones home, scattering, storing in a mausoleum or burial. Burying cremated remains has become more common. This type of burial actually offers more final resting places than the average burial can. Below you will find 5 five of these options.

Cemetery Burial

Cremated ashes can be buried in a cemetery, just as a casket is typically buried. Many people choose this option because it gives them the ability to still visit the site where their loved one is buried, yet carries out their loved one’s wishes of being cremated. Most cemeteries will require the purchase of an urn vault to protect the ashes from the elements. Due to ashes being much smaller than a typical casket, cemetery burial can be an economical option because you can arrange to have multiple loved ones buried in the same plot. The typical costs for burying cremated ashes range from $800 – $2,500.

Columbarium Niche Burial

If your loved one does not want to be buried underground, yet you want a place to visit, the columbarium niche burial is a great alternative. The columbarium is a building that houses the urn that holds the ashes. You are purchasing one niche or multiple niches if you so choose so that only your loved one’s urn will be held there. A plaque is placed on the exterior of the columbarium, similar to a headstone, letting everyone know whose remains are being held there. The average cost of a columbarium niche can range from $300 to $2,500.

A Favorite Place of the Deceased

Oftentimes, the deceased have a final wish to have their ashes scattered over their favorite place. This is typically a wide-open space, such as an ocean or forest, but everyone has their own wishes. A few common examples include a golf course, hiking trails, or over a body of water where the deceased loved to spend time (fishing, water skiing, etc.). Before you scatter remains in a public place, always make sure it is legal. In addition, it is often a good idea to keep a small amount of the remains with you as a remembrance. You never know what could happen in the future – you could move; the public place could be shut down, or a natural disaster could occur that would prevent you and your loved ones from having a place to visit your loved one’s memories. The cost of scattering ashes is typically much lower than any other option because you simply have to pay for the cremation services.

Bury at Home

Burying your loved one’s ashes at home can be a great way to always feel as if he/she is still near. Many people choose to bury their loved one by their favorite tree, near their garden, or in any other special place in the yard where the person felt their best. Burying at home is not only sentimental but can also be more economical because you only have to pay for the cremation and any services you held; you do not have to pay for a burial, which can be significant savings.

Create a Coral Reef

A rather new method to bury cremated ashes that are becoming popular with people that have a love for nature and/or water is to become part of an artificial coral reef. Companies are creating these reefs with cement and cremation ashes to help the suffering reefs on our oceans’ floors. Many people look upon this method as a great way to make the cremation environmentally friendly while helping the ocean and ocean life at the same time. The cost varies with the services that you choose at the time of cremation.

If your loved one chose cremation as their final wishes, you can carry them out in a unique way that will give you some closure while honoring your loved one as best you can.

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